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Thirteen-year-old Jedi Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi woke from a deep, dreamless sleep to a great feeling of sadness. He reached out with the Force and traced the feeling to the warm, soft, safe corner in the far recesses of his mind that housed the Force-Bond that connected him to his Master, the great Qui-Gon Jinn. Whatever was making the venerable Jedi depressed was strong enough to seep through the iron tight shields of the older man and affect his young Padawan as well.
Obi-Wan quickly swung his legs over the side of his sleep-couch and rubbed the sleep from his eyes with the backs of his small hands before gropping about his bedside table for his lightsaber. 'Oh boy....If Master Qui-Gon saw me right now I would SO ve bantha fodder. I'd get his 'Your lightsaber is your life lecture'....again.' He thought to himself as his hands clumsily stubbled upon what he was seaching for. He quickly slipped his robe over his sleep tunic and quietly padded out of his room and down the hall, through thier small spartan style quarters, to the room belonging to his master.
'I hope Master Qui-Gon doesn't mind if I come in....' He thought as he cautiously oppened the door and peered inside. He found the older Jedi's room empty and the bed unslept in. Frowning in confusion Obi-Wan quickly retreats from the room and down the hall to the main salle, searching the kitchen and 'fresher as he went for any trace of the distressed Master. As he is about to give up and comm the wayward master, Obi-Wan remembers one of Master Yoda's lessons on the nature of bonds. The lesson in question was on the ability to track a person through a bond, to use their force signature to tack them like a burst transmission from a homing beacon.
Slowing his breathing the young boy decides to give it a shot, even though the bond between Master and Padawan is tenuous at best. Having just become paired during the stresses of the mission to Bandomeer, the Master and Padawan hadn't had time to sit down and fully bond with eachother. To build the unshakable trust that seemed to define all other teams within the Temple, and it seemed as if that was the way Qui-Gon wanted it to remain as he had yet to even attempt to get to know the young man he was supposed to train and raise. Shaking off these stressing thoughts Obi-Wan carefully reached across the expanse of the weak bond and got a faint sense of where his master could be and thus followed the faint trace of the mand over-powering Force-Signature to the Room of a Thousand Fountains hidden deep within the bowels of the Temple.
Pausing outside the decoratively carved wooden doors of the massive garden the young padawan tooks a deep breath and held it as he pushed against the heavy door and cringed as it opened with a slight creaking of ancient wood. Satisfied that he had not alerted any of the security or any other Jedi attempting to meditate at this odd hour Obi-Wan tentitavely stepped inside the expansive garden. Immediatly the overwhelming scent of mixed flora assulted his nostrils, making the feeling of a sneeze come on before passing into a sickly sweet mixture that made him feel as if he had sampled some Corellian ale. His eyes where greated by the many cobblestone pathways that wound through the beautifully manicured garden, tall trees from all over the Galaxy reaching up to the artificial heavens above awash with the simulated moonlight.
Following the main path down to a fork in the path Obi-Wan experiances a brief moment of indecision before reacing out to the Force and following the path off to his left, over a wooden bridge and deep within the recesses of the garden until he reaches a clearing surrounded by mighty silver trees, glittering in the artificial light, the young boy has never seen before. There, in the center of the clearing, is a large flat rock settled next to a softly babbling brooke. The sound of the water over the stones is almost musical in it's tone as the padawan focuses his sight on the figure seated atop the large rock.
Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn is seated with one arm placed back behind him as a support as his left knee is tucked up, the opposite arm wrapped about the knee and his right leg is extended outward, the brace the master wore clearly visible beneath the trousers he wore. His face is turned upwards, gazing distantly at the artificial stars as the false moonlight glistens off the quicly drying tears gathered within the deep scars that mared his leonine features, traveling down from his nose to the right side of his mouth and across his lips. Enwraptured by the sight, Obi-Wan got the empression of a lone, battle-scared alpha mourning the loss of his pack.
Obi-Wan's musings are shattered as the warm bariton belonging to his master drifts across the expanse of the clearing with a small, emotionless. "Hello Obi-Wan...."

Well, what do you think? Should I continue or scrap it? I know it definatly needs to be proof read but in all honesty, I'm way to tired to do it myself.


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I'm Fisrt Nations and live in Canada

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Cheers for the fave. :)
xXFlamingRCXx Jan 22, 2013
OMFG! it's you the all famous Altair! I remember you! You bred with your "slave" mhm yes yes...I remember you. You abandoned everyone just to fuck a wolf. How did them children come out bud?
xXFlamingRCXx Feb 16, 2013
Hey ^^ [link] you might like it ;3; I did my best on it.
First Duskeria group rp today! [link]
Oh shit, I missed it! ;o;
Sorry about that. I just got back from the JBH. I've been there since 9am!
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Baaaruuuuuutiiiiiii :3 go here [link]
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